Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January News Update

Good evening all! You have probably noticed that there was not a news post here last month in December, and the fact was, there was nothing to talk about. So I figured that I would just let you know that in this month's post. And even with two months combination, there is hardly anything new to report. So lets get started.

  •  I have continued to post winter weather blog entries, which started at the beginning of December 2012. These are not easy, unlike the tropical weather posts. I do not have near as much model access as I need for snow forecasts, so getting the information to put a winter blog post together is rather difficult at times. I will still do my best, though. The date at which I will conclude winter weather blogs and switch topics for spring is unknown at this time.

  • The 'Local Weather Photos' page on my main blog(which you can view here) has been empty for a few months. With the subject change and a few other things going on, I did not pay much attention to snapping pictures for that page. I can assure you that when warmer weather rolls around and diurnal convection fires in the afternoon hours, there will be a lot more photos.

  • I will likely have a poll or two up on my main blog in mid to late February, so that you readers can decide when to switch from winter and what to switch to.
And other then these few notes, I have nothing else to report. Be sure to stop in and check out my latest U.S. winter weather blog entry!
Thanks all for stopping in, hope you have a blessed week ahead of you!