Sunday, April 7, 2013

April Blog News Update

Good evening all. I got a few subjects to get across here concerning the blog, so you know what is going on. I have had a busy start to April, and last Saturday was very busy..and fun. So lets get started here.
  •  Due to the lack of resources for severe weather prediction, I do not think I will post on severe weather potential anymore unless it is at a local scale around me and where most of my audience is centered. If I did post, I would mostly be copying from the Storm Prediction Center, and copying someones work is not my style. So due to this, blog posting will be slow through April and probably the beginning of May. I do expect more action into the Atlantic Hurricane Season as May approaches, so we might get cranking there.
  •         This is not a very important update, but with the start of spring and convection firing, you can probably expect an increase in weather photos upload to the Photography page in my main blog.
  •         It has been two weeks since I posted an entry, and I will try to get a blog post up sometime this week concerning the factors that will effect our hurricane season storm numbers and probable direction.
Thanks all for stopping in today, hope you have a blessed week ahead of you!