Thursday, August 16, 2012

Longstrike; Putting The Pieces Back Together

A few days ago, while on Nerf Mods & Reviews, a blaster modifier suggested trying to put my Longstrike back together. I agreed to try, and he helped me along the way. Long story short, the pieces were all back where they were supposed to be and I tried firing it. The clip went in easy, the bolt pulled back and pushed forward fine. The trigger only pulled half-way, and I had to jerk the clip to get it out. IceCubed, which was the blogger helping me, suggested taking the trigger lock out so it would perform better.
       Coming from IceCubed, this sounds like a good idea, but since I have never modified anything I have been kind of lenient about doing it. Thoughts? Tips? Please leave them below! This post is basically giving an update on my Longstrike, and to let you know their might be a blog entry coming out soon on a real Nerf blaster modification. noticed in the past...would excite a few of you experts out there to see some actual Nerf here for a change!

Also, before I conclude this post, I would like for you to show some support for IceCubed since he has and is helping a beginner at modifying like me. Please take the time to check out his blog here.
Thanks all for stopping in to this short update entry, hope you have a blessed week ahead of you!

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