Saturday, February 16, 2013

February News Update

Good evening all. I have only a few subjects to put out today in this months' news update concerning the blog. I must admit that blogging on winter weather has been difficult for me, but I cannot say that I didn't enjoy the challenge to publish an accurate forecast.

  •  The current poll that is up on the main blog will be closing tomorrow, so regular viewers, if you have not voted, time spent to put in your decision is greatly appreciated.

  •  A new poll will be coming out after the current one closes, probably starting somewhere between February 17th through the 20th and ending at the start of March. This poll will concern subject change-basically what you want to read about in the weather realm on the main blog.

  • You have probably noticed that I am not posting as often as usual(new post every 3-4 days) and I apologize. I have a few factors that are taking up more time, and I am blogging when I can. Once the school year starts to wind to an end I will probably find more time to blog.
Thanks all for stopping in, hope you have a blessed week ahead of you!

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