Friday, July 27, 2012

Severe Thunderstorm Pictures

On Tuesday, July 24th, my area had a dangerous storm roll over threatening with golf ball-sized hail and wind gusts to 70mph. Thankfully, the hail core died before it reached me, but the windspeeds were gusting to atleast 50mph at above 10 meters. Here are some pictures of the natural trash left behind at my grandparents yard.
A large peice of Pine bark along with a large pine branch laying beside the yard.
Smaller branches from pine trees scattered all over the place.
Pine tree about 14-16 inches wide fallen near the creek.

   At my house, I was outside measuring the surface wind speed. The maximum I measured was a gust to 10.2mph, but those figures were MUCH higher at above 75ft+ off the ground. As I was standing there with my anemometer, I hear trees cracking and then a big thud, indicating one had fallen. The picture below is a tree with its top half gone. I assume that this was the thud I heard, but it could have been somewhere else I didn't look. I thank the Lord for it not being any worse then it was!

I will be doing a file on the system that spawned these storms on the 24th in North Carolina. Have not decided if it will be posted here or my personal blog, which is purely weather.
Thanks for stopping in today, hope you all have a blessed week ahead of you! Remember that I will be leaving for vacation on the morning of July 30th, and will update my Meteorology Blog on the 29th. 

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