Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome New Authors!

Recently, I have noticed in myself that I have alot more weather blogging and updating going on then Nerf, and the time period open for Nerf blogging has slimmed down with the start of Hurricane Season last June. I have recruited 3 new authors, all experienced and ready to begin posting outstanding blogs here! Let me introduce them:


This guy is obviously a very good blogger. He has been on Blogspot in a shorter time period then me, and has over 1,700 page views. That is over double the count on my meteorology blog, which shows that a larger number of bloggers respect this guy, and love reading his posts! With multiple authors also, Thailyer14 still manages to keep his blog in good shape, and updates constantly. Aren't a follower of his blog yet? Well you can start today! His blog is called NerfModNation, which is usually filled to capacity from his other authors sharing what kind of modifications they have done to their blasters. 
     Thailyer14 is also a very good friend of mine, and loves having a nice chat to review the day. He has many other friends too, which is no surprise considering the  quality of work he puts into his blog! So to sum this all up, welcome to TropicalWxBlogger's Nerf Blog Thailyer14!


Milez is a very good blogger, as well as successful. With over a dozen followers, his blog is also mainly on the products of Nerf and fun things about them! A friend of mine, Milez is a good source of accurate information. His blog on Blogspot has over 1,500 pageviews, which I consider to be a bit low with the number of followers and the timespan he has spent on Blogspot. Since February, Milez has been up to date with the latest Nerf products, future products and with the quality he has put into his blog, as well as his blog entries, I think he deserves your support! You can find his blog and begin to follow it Here. I am excited to say, welcome to TropicalWxBlogger's Nerf Blog Milez!!


NerfCastle has got to be one of the big-time bloggers. He is not from Blogspot, but from Weebly, which i think is a different blogging area. No doubt, NerfCastle has dominated the Nerf blogging space! His blog has a good selection of pages like Thailyer14's blog, and is almost like a mini website. Terrific posts, NerfCastle should easily be able to create posts here on my blog that shine for months! He is a friend of mine like the others mentioned here, a very good person to like. You can access his blog here. His blog is called Nerf Castle Productions, and I failed to mention earlier in this paragraph that you can become a member without paying a dime! Sound like a good idea? Well you got the link up above, I'm sure he would appreciate the time you spend reading and checking out his posts! Welcome to TropicalWxBlogger's Nerf Blog, NerfCastle!

Thanks all for stopping in today to welcome these great bloggers, make sure you give them 100% credit for every post that they create here. Have a blessed week everyone!

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